PointNines Shared Asset Service Tool

PointNines is a white-label, comprehensive, collaborative platform for connecting the owners of critical-asset to 3rd party service providers. It is currently in use by AT&T, T-MOBILE, and Verizon to manage the maintenance of over 100,000 assets across 20,000 cell sites in the Southeast.

With it’s powerful core tools including an intelligent search engine, PointNines can be adapted to a wide variety of multi-site, multi-asset, and multi-stakeholder applications.


Acceleration Frameworks



DB3Human is our proprietary user, we mean “human” framework for all our applications. It works natively within our web applications while providing a REST API for use in native mobile application, and provides authentication, authorization, and hierarchical preferences.




DB3Asset is our asset database framework. It’s an adaptable framework for storing and retrieving assets via native scripting languages, or through RESTful APIs.




DB3Catalog is our catalog and curation framework that facilitates the rapid construction Pinterest-like applications. It includes browser plugins for 1-click ingestion of 3rd party content, user-definable “collections”, and the ability to select multiple objects inside of a photo for discussion.

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