Beacon is an Atlanta startup (spun off from VinSnap) that is looking to build services around its vehicle telemetry device. We worked with them to develop a prototype for Hackamotive in Santa Monica, CA. They had an idea to create a service that allowed people to get real-time depreciation data for their car based upon the mileage collected by the telemetry device.

Going through a validation exercise, we revealed that the product would not rise to necessary level of resonation to be valid. Actually, the service would deliver bad news and elicit bad feelings rather than empowerment from knowledge. From experience, we also knew that non-catastrophic preventative technologies are not usually popular with consumers. So we pivoted.

We then looked at other aspects of the car selling experience, and upon surveying a number people, we discovered that most people don’t sell cars privately because they don’t want to meet with strangers. With a simple twist to the original idea, we came up with process utilizing low-tech lock boxes, the telemetry device and a mobile service to facilitate unsupervised test-drives – delighting both sellers and buyers.

DB3 is still advising and actively involved with Beacon.


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