Great usability extends beyond interface design – it requires the ability to shape and present data in ways that consider an underlying awareness of a user’s needs. We combine two disciplines to create truly unique experiences – technical depth + high-touch design to create a value that can’t be achieved through traditional design firms or IT integrators.


As our signature approach, we don’t ask “what?” We start with “why?”. This simple nuance shifts the focus – from building against an product-centered set of technical requirements to focusing on the real needs of a person – your customers. It’s in this space of human understanding that we can achieve the highest levels of resonation and delight. It’s also in this space we can provide an effective phased strategy, business insights, and tools that help you create “certainty”, and buy-in for your ideas.


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DB3Innovation is an Atlanta-based design / technology services consultancy specializing in the ideation, design and development of web and mobile products. We’re a team of seasoned professionals with the ability to shape products through user-centered, insights-based, and “breakthrough” innovation approaches.

What does this creative mumbo-jumbo mean? In general, we don’t work like any traditional digital agency –

First, we tailor our approach to each project to strike a balance between the functional requirements and user-needs research. Second, we host co-design sessions to build business canvases and user-journey maps to validate the idea – leaving you with artifacts that provide clarity to all stakeholders. We then iterate from low to high-fidelity prototypes to ensure our assumptions are correct. Through this process, the “right solution” will reveal itself, at which time we engage our extended team of “finishers” – designers and engineers to finalize the product. While this sounds like an expensive proposition, it’s not. Our focus on the “core” experience means that hours aren’t wasted over-doing the “context”.

Seeking Resonation
We frequently use the term “resonation” to describe the moments when a product makes a person feel smarter or more powerful. It takes a deep exploration into the psyche of the people using the product to understand how to do this. In the past years, we’ve deep-dived into this topic and it’s leading to some incredible insights and methods that combine user-empathy with big data – stay tuned.



  • Solution Architecture
  • Innovation Facilitation
  • Co-Design Workshops
  • UX Design
  • Product Strategy
  • Rapid Prototyping
  • Product Testing & Validation
  • Visual Design
  • Mobile App Development
  • Web App Development
  • Product Testing & Validation
  • CMS (WordPress / Drupal) Integrations


Diversity creates points-of-view that enhance our understanding of people. Beyond our demographic diversity, our team has professional diversity – from the the most (and least) progressive Fortune 500s, to lean, successful startups.



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